General Questions

1. What is LocalMum?

LocalMum connects families needing last-minute childminding with verified stay at home mums. Families receive flexible, local care from a loving mum. Mums can make the most of their home time and earn a great income.

2. Why should I use LocalMum?

It's incredibly convenient.

There are many families that require only a couple of hours of care. Long Day Care or Family Day Care often requires families to pay for the entire day. They may also not have capacity on the days needed. Grandparents and families are another option, however sometimes this is not always immedietely available, or it can be inconvenient.

LocalMum creates convenient and high quality childminding - by connecting you with local mums who can be ready to care for your children the moment you need it.

3. What are some of the other benefits?

  • Flexible: You can find a mum that fits in with your schedule
  • High Quality: All mums are verified against LocalMums's safety systems
  • Personal: A maximum of 3 other kids in care mean high attention for each child
  • Loving: Your little one is receiving care from another loving mum
  • Social: Be connected with other local mums in your neighbourhood!

4. What's the cost?

Our service is free for local mums to register and use. For families wishing to use the service, prices (set by each local mum) are generally between $15-20/hr.

5. Where will the care take place?

The care takes place in the home of the stay at home mum. Each home is under the guidance of LocalMums's safety systems.

6. Tell me about your safety requirements

LocalMum has extensive safety requirements. All stay at home mums must go through an extensive onboarding process:

  • Step 1: Phone interview and discussion with applicants
  • Step 2: Verify documentation including WWCC, Police Check, Driver's Licence,First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis HLTAID004
  • Step 3: Each mum providing care adheres to their home safety checklist
  • Step 4: Once mums are approved, we arrange $10m in Public Liability Insurance
  • Step 5: Upon the conclusion of each childminding session, families can rate and review the day's care. Mum's must maintain a high rating, otherwise they may be suspended from the platform.

7. What about other people in the home?

As part of the LocalMum's Terms of Service, no other family or friend may be present during the hours of care at the home. Should they be found to be in breach of this requirement, they may be suspended or removed from the platform.

8. What regulations does this come under?

LocalMum operates in QLD under what is classified as Stand-Alone Care, which allows home-based childminding for up to four children under school age. Caresquare follows these principles and goes further with extensive safety protocol.

9. Are you eligible for subsidies?

Families are eligible for a small fee known as the Registered Carer payment. Feel free to contact us to learn more and how we can help.

10. What ages are best suited for LocalMum?

LocalMum is perfect for all ages, though families and carers are likely to utilise the service for children aged between 9 months and 5 years.

11. How does overtime work?

Overtime is charged at 1.5x for the first half hour over time and 2x from that moment forward.

12. What about tax obligations?

The ATO explains tax requirements for participants in the "sharing economy" through in this link. As a LocalMum, you may need to declare your income as part of your annual tax return. Conversely, this also means that you could be eligible for tax deductions in the service you provide. Your Blue card, First Aid, Police Check and any purchases for your service are all examples of items that you may be able to deduct in your tax bill.